Best of Phalanx 2017

Since this is the first full year for Phalanx, we wanted to give you another chance to look over articles that you missed or that you might find relevant again today. The list below represents a range of articles and interviews from 2017, including some of the most popular. We hope they bring you encouragement on your journey of self-development, the forging of spirit, and the discovery of meaning.

The Decline And Rise of Authentic Manhood by Angel Millar.

The War in Heaven and The Mysterium of the Soul: Approaching David Beth’s Kosmic Gnosis by Jessica Grote.

Myth, Catharsis, and The Riddle of The Sphinx by Tony Crisos.

Gratitude As Power by Angel Millar.

Interview: Inner Christianity and Esotericism With Richard Smoley.

Self-Actualization Through Hierarchy: Risks and Rewards by Jeff Wolfe.

Muscle and Chi: The Yin-Yang of Physical Self-Development by Angel Millar.

Freemasonry, Esotericism, and Spiritual Development: An Interview With Piers Vaughan.

Rekindling an Archetype: DIY Knighting by Jeff Wolfe.

The Sufi Mysticism of Music, Sound, and Vibration by Tony Crisos.

An Introduction to the Martial Arts of Pentjak Silat Serak and Pentjak Silat Bukti Negara by Manuel F. Nuñez.

Drawing on Different Traditions by Angel Millar.

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