MMA Fighter Dusty Shaw: Phalanx is the Best Guide for a Man

dusty-shaw-mma-warriorAs we’ve mentioned before, we’ve been really gratified to receive a lot of encouragement from readers since we founded Phalanx a few months back. Even so, we were pretty amazed to receive some great feedback from MMA fighter Dusty Shaw today.

Dusty contacted us this morning, saying that,

I’ve been reading you and Angel’s articles on Phalanx since early this year. I’ve been through all the Daily Meditations since that time and have to say it’s the single best guide a man can read consistently, to become a better, stronger, and more enlightened version of himself.

It’s enriched my life, but more than anything it’s just been refreshing to know that the practice, culture, and overall characteristics I think a man should have are still prevalent in some in our society…

As we’ve also said, we really view Phalanx as a community of warriors, developing our minds, bodies, and spirits together — even if we’re physically scattered around the globe. Our readers are a huge part of our community, our phalanx. Of course, we always want to encourage you, but you also greatly encourage us, and help us to do the necessary work of writing, thinking, and struggling to be the best we can be. As we all know, it’s not easy.

Dusty, thank you! Not just for your words of encouragement that mean so much to us, but for being an awesome example, embodying what Phalanx is about. You are a warrior with heart, soul, and intellect. And we salute you!

— Angel Millar.

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